Abuse ruins childhood, but it can be prevented 

That’s why we’re here. That’s what drives all our work, and that’s why – as long as there’s abuse – we will fight for every childhood.

We help children rebuild their lives, and we find ways to prevent abuse from ruining any more. So when a child needs a helping hand, we’ll be there.

When parents are finding it tough, we’ll help. When laws need to change, or governments need to do more, we won’t give up until things improve.

And they will improve, because we can all play a part in the fight for every childhood. Big or small – through supporting our work, or simply believing, respecting and listening to children – there’s something each of us can do to make things better for children.

Abuse changes childhood. But so can we.

The total NSPCSki fundraising income from 2017 and 2018 has helped us to answer 8,611 calls to Childline from children worried about issues including bullying, self-harm and abuse.

Working with the team behind NSPCSKI is a true example of how our volunteers and supporters can so widely support our vital Childline service. From what is not only a fun trip to be on, it’s also an amazing way to engage and connect with people to tell them more about the work we do, and how the trip is supporting children and young people. Off the back of this trip we have managed to connect guests to offer insight, expertise and support to shape our wider work. It’s much more than a ski trip.
— Louise McCourt, NSPCC